How to Charge Clients the Highest Rates For Personal Training

An important part of the equation that decides how much you can charge for personal training is the quality of your training sessions. If you have good sessions, your training sells itself – you’ll get tremendous word of mouth, and you can charge the highest rates for your training. When you get this part right, one client can turn into ten clients very quickly.What’s the one technique we’re talking about here to build session quality?Progress TrackingIt’s taking only a couple of minutes to plan your session before you meet your client, remembering to jot notes during the session, and summarizing the session at the end. But it makes a world of difference in the perceived quality of your session in your clients mind and to any outside observers. This technique might seem very simple and obvious, but it adds tons of value. This little extra bit of consistent effort will allow you to charge as much as double what the trainer standing right next to you is charging.And it has personal benefits as well – you’ll feel more relaxed, more prepared, your work will be easier, and you’ll be happier. This technique will also help keep you organized so you can train 2 or more people at once. Getting up to the $100 per hour level becomes much easier once you have this weapon going for you.The best thing to do is make-up your own standardized system of tracking sheets – one that’s easy for you to work with, and gives you all of the key information you need in a way that’s easy for you to review.Tracking progress builds credibility in the eyes of your client, and is one more thing you can do to separate yourself from the competition and thrive in personal training.

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